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For more than 85 years, HOLINGER has been solving engineering and scientific challenges. We are present in 20 countries and complete about 2000 projects per year. Today, approximately 500 employees build on this vast experience in consulting and in the planning and implementation of projects in various fields. We are a one stop shop: generalists and specialists, researchers and practitioners all combine their extensive knowledge and experience to create groundbreaking concepts. Thus, we implement cost-effective and ecologically forwardlooking solutions based around resourcesaving processes and techniques.


HOLINGER AG is exclusively owned by its employees. The company share capital is in the hands of the board, the management and the employees. They identify with the company and share its success. This ownership structure, together with our solid economic indicators, creates a foundation of continuity, creativity and sustainable long-term growth.


As a leading engineering company, the HOLINGER Group delivers progressive solutions for social challenges relating to water, construction, infrastructure, resources, natural risks, the environment and energy. With creative ideas and inter-discipliniary expertise, our committed employees develop innovative and commercially viable long-term solutions. We add-value and shape the future in collaboration with our Swiss and international customers who we serve as a one-stop solution. We measure ourselves against the best and aspire to do better.


We believe sustainability means taking responsibility for society and the environment. And we live this way. Our solutions reconcile commercial and environmental tensions. And to ensure the future of HOLINGER, we take the long-term view as we build on our proven commercial performance and grow the company on solid principles.