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Mission Statement of HOLINGER International Consultants

85 years of excellence in engineering
HOLINGER International Consultants (HOLINGER IC) is the international project management arm of HOLINGER AG, one of the leading engineering companies in Switzerland in all process, environmental and civil engineering segments. We provide comprehensive services in the sectors of potable water and wastewater treatment, water supply and sanitation, master planning, renewable energy, cleaner production and industrial environmental engineering, contaminated sites and toxic materials, risk- and environmental impact analyses as well as geology and hydrogeology. HOLINGER AG is an independent stock corporation under Swiss law and the capital shares of the company are held exclusively by the employees.

Our foremost goal is to answer to the needs of our clients and to provide them with tailor-made solutions that best match their requirements and expectations. We draw on a wealth of know-how of our staff of about 400 employees and on almost 85 years’ experience in providing scientific and engineering consultancy, planning and implementation services in thousands of projects, both in Switzerland and abroad. We successfully promote technological innovation and our projects combine high Swiss quality standards, technologies and know-how with a commitment to sustainability and the will to create value added for our customers.


Striving for Sustainable Development
Our know-how and our decades of experience in the Swiss market are in demand at an international level. The millennium development goals of the world community will only be reached if we can secure the need for basic infrastructures for water and energy supply, waste and wastewater management as well as mobility. We strive to contribute to reaching these goals.

HOLINGER IC aims at a long-term presence in our strategic target markets and engages in sustainable development work. We want to create lasting value through transfer of know-how and participation in the national market development. By investing into subsidiary companies or joint-ventures with local partners and targeted knowledge transfer, we endeavour to strengthen the national engineering competence and to create attractive job opportunities for young engineers. HOLINGER IC thus contributes to securing a sustainable operation and management of the infrastructures which are built with considerable international investments.

HOLINGER IC – a Reliable Partner
We are committed to our customers for a lifetime, not only for the duration of a project. Longstanding and trustful customer relationships and consultancy are the foundations on which to develop comprehensive, practical and suitable solutions as well as to secure the sustainable impact of our projects. We advise water and wastewater utilities, cities and municipalities on all aspects of management, investment planning, tariff structures, training and environmental issues related to management and operation of their infrastructures. Industrial firms appreciate our support for optimizing their processes, for analysing their material and energy flows, for minimising their carbon footprint, or advice on any other aspect of corporate environmental policy.

We plan and implement international investment projects with enthusiasm and dedication. We strive for adapted, affordable and well-engineered solutions with reasonable operation and maintenance costs, and put particular emphasis on a practical, hands-on, project-oriented training of the operating personnel. With this philosophy, we are able to create real and sustainable value added for our clients.

HOLINGER IC is inspired by the same guiding principles as the whole HOLINGER Group. Thus, HOLINGER IC is a reliable partner for our local clients as well as for international financing institutions and development banks. Our knowledge and expertise shall secure a sustainable benefit for all involved stakeholders.