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Agglomeration Sion


Within the framework of the planning of the bus network "Agglo Valais Central 2021" the municipality of Sion has commissioned HOLINGER AG to develop new routes and to adapt some existing ones.

One of the two projects involves the design of a roundabout in the city centre, which must conform to the norms and legal requirements for existing road structures. The new roundabout should enable the direction of the bus traffic to be reversed. At the same time, it must function as a terminal platform.

This roundabout is a compact type with an external diameter of 26 m and four single-lane entrances and exits. With the creation of a new roadway and sidewalks, special attention has been paid to pedestrian traffic. In order to enable the bus to reverse its direction of travel, HOLINGER proposed a semi-circular inner circle designed to allow partial crossing by vehicles.