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International project activity in Uzbekistan


HOLINGER has been involved in various water supply activities in Uzbekistan since 2015. The first phase involved the planning and implementation of a complete pumping station with a capacity of 1,250 l/s and the renovation/new construction of 24 groundwater wells.

In the second phase, HOLINGER acted as organisational and operational consultant to the public water utility of the Syrdarya Province (approx. 800,000 inhabitants) and provided support with various measures and services, such as training, the reduction of water losses, a business and investment plan, a pricing structure, etc., to facilitate medium to long-term economical and sustainable operation.

Now in the third phase, which began in 2019, HOLINGER has been extending what was done in the second phase, to the provinces of Bukhara and Samarkand. In addition, at the request of the Uzbek partners, a project for a supra-regional process control system (SCADA) is now being implemented in Syrdarya. This will advance digitalisation of public water utilities in the region and comes as a result of the comprehensive reorganisation of the national water supply sector in 2020 and the consequent redefinition of certain priorities.