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Sponge city feasibility study


Climate change means that the frequency of heavy rain events and heat waves is increasing in our latitudes. That is why it will be all the more important to take these phenomena into account in municipal planning now and in the years to come

The term "sponge city" is often used in this context. This concept envisages the increasing collection, local storage and, where appropriate, usage ofrainwater that accumulates in urban areas. Facilitated evaporation and infiltration can support the natural water cycle and positively influence the local climate.

HOLINGER AG offers studies to assess the feasibility of implementing sponge city measures for the structured and coordinated planning of communities and cities. In addition to GIS-based area analyses, specific localised options will be highlighted, and regulatory room for manoeuvre will be identified. The feasibility study therefore serves as a helpful planning tool for guiding communities and cities on their path towards becoming sponge cities.