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The Wutach runs free again


With the fifth phase of revitalisation, the Wutach was freed from its original hardened banks over a length of some 1.7 km, its breadth generously extended and its lateral erosion actively encouraged on both the Swiss and German sides through integrated current-deflector elements. As a result, the measures agreed upon bilaterally in the 2010 project study have largely been implemented and, on the Swiss side, the revitalised section of the Wutach has been included in the Swiss Federal Inventory of Floodplains of National Importance. HOLINGER was able to take an active part in shaping the revitalisation for both countries from the very beginning.


  • Drone video taken on February 15, 2021 of the fifth stage of revitalistion. 
  • Informational video about the history of the river Wutach and its revitalisation
    (Videos © Baudepartement Kanton Schaffhausen, in german)