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Renewal of CHP and HVAC plants at Niederbüren WWTP


At the Niederbüren wastewater treatment plant, HOLINGER was able to plan and implement the renewal of the gas utilization and heating systems. The wastewater treatment plant already had two combined heat and power plants, but the older of the two was not controllable: i.e. it could not be switched on and off using ICT systems and it no longer met the requirements of the Air Pollution Control Ordinance. In addition, the removal of unused residual heat was increasingly difficult because there was no heat storage system. Finally, the heating distributor had to be regulated by hand, so it also made sense to modernise that at the same time. In the course of the project, the older CHP plant was dismantled and replaced by a new 80 kW aggregate unit. At the same time, a heat store with a capacity of 6,800 litres was installed in the CHP room to balance differences between heat generation and utilisation.