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‘Uf em Berg’ reservoir in Kaiseraugst


The ‘Uf em Berg’ (On the mountain)reservoir has been connected to the drinking water network of Kaiseraugst since the 1960s by a DN 400 Eternit (fibre cement) pipe. Now HOLINGER AG has developed a total renovation concept for the reservoir pipeline, which takes into account both the increasing rates of water consumption and also guarantees the water supply during the entire works period and into the future. In the implementation phase from April 2020 to June 2021, the inliner renovation was carried out on the existing Eternit pipeline north of the A3 motorway. Also, two new ductile iron reservoir connecting pipelines were built over a distance of around 500m. En route the pipe had to traverse agricultural land, an allotment garden area, communal roads, a powerline tunnel under the A3 motorway, as well as the Lienerthalde plot containing historically noteworthy trees, anti-tank blocks and a Roman aqueduct!