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Channeling and revitalization of the Mülibach


The insufficient capacity of a culvert in the agricultural area above Altnau resulted in the Mülibach stream  flooding the settlement area — many times over the years. In 1999, this caused a serious flood event. HOLINGER AG drew up and implemented a natural hazard action plan and based on it, a flood protection and revitalization project.

In the Laubacker section, a 240 m length of the Mülibach was opened up. This is also known as deculverting or daylighting. The stream was then flood-proofed and revitalized. The aquatic ecology of the Mülibach was significantly improved thanks to the daylighting and the creation of a  continuous low water channel with a structured bed, groups of blocks and root stocks. In particular, the longitudinal connectivity was restored: i.e. acquatic life is now free to move up or down the stream.