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We offer interdisciplinary know-how in all areas of structural engineering and are capable to provide services from the planning stage up to implementation. In close contact with our clients we develop economical solutions.


Fire protection and fire prevention are topics that are becoming increasingly extensive, complex and important. A comprehensive fire protection concept can save people’s lives and limit building damage. We offer competent consulting based on state-of-the-art technology – from the first project phase, through to implementation.


In the field of earthquake provisions, we assist real estate owners or future investors. In close collaboration with clients, we support in the inventory of buildings, assessment of earthquake stability, development of reinforcement solutions or the implementation of measures. Applying the newest calculation software, we are well positioned for developing costeffective solutions for all your demands.


Construction, cost effectiveness, aesthetics, durability, operativeness, maintenance and the environment – all these aspects are at the core of our tailor-made solutions. Our interdisciplinary teams are reliable partners in planning and supervising every construction stage.


In-house staff from various technical disciplines is at our disposal to plan and realize site developments, municipal or cantonal roads, railroad tracks, civil engineering structures as well as their integration into the urban or rural settings. We also develop environmental impact reports and possess a wealth of expertise in planning and in-situ supervising of noise control systems.


As a general planner, we know how to handle constructions in a wide field of civil engineering, such as: retaining walls, funnels, bridges, industrial facilities or wastewater treatment plants. As specialists, we team with architects and designers to develop an extensive range of supporting structures in reinforced concrete, steel or timber.


The construction of utility lines in congested agglomerations is a very demanding task. Our strengths lie in carefully planning and coordinating such tasks – in team with operators of water, gas and telecommunication lines or electric cable systems. We provide cost-effective solutions from a single source – ranging from planning to the implementation of complex and comprehensive projects and structures.


Buildings are subject to the permanent and often rapid processes of deterioration. Therefore, decrease and increase in value should be balanced over the years. However, materials used in construction methods and processes do not always meet present-day’s demands. We perform periodical inspections of buildings, assess their current status and suggest measures for value-adding reinvestments. We set great store by sustainable, efficient and qualitative solutions to maintain functionality as well as operational safety standards.

selected references

Administrative building of Groupe Mutuel, Sion (VS)
Planning and realization


New construction of the "Grammet” residential project, Liestal
Planning and realization


Construction site with risk of subsidence, Thun
Construction of underground parking floors: Development of geological insights for the optimization of the foundation concept in order to reduce the risk of subsidence

Earthquake review of bridges, Canton Schwyz
Detailed investigation of earthquake safety of bridges

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Jürg Michel
Head of Construction
+41 31 370 30 41


Jürg Wälti
Dep. Head of Construction
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