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We care for our environment and the conservation of resources. Utilizing biogas, hydropower or domestic wood as renewable energies – we think effectively and act responsibly.


Energy derived from biogas has future potential. In biogas plants domestic and industrial waste, liquid manure or food residues are anaerobically decomposed. The biogas thus produced can be utilized in gas engines, for heating purposes or – after conditioning – inducted into the natural gas grid. We evaluate process techniques for mono- or co-fermentation as used in modern biogas plants in order to assure the best possible operation of the plants. We wish our commitment to be a contribution to the spread of this innovative and sustainable technique.


We offer full service energy management because saving energy means saving money! We identify potential savings, and precisely calculate the costs and energy saved with the smooth functioning of your process clearly in mind. When it comes to the implementation, we support you professionally. As an EnAW accredited agency, we also know all about federal government and cantonal funding options and are able to help you implement the energy wholesale consumption regulations and reclaim feed-in remunerations (KEV) and CO2 taxes.


Small hydropower plants are increasingly recognised as viable sources of grid power, which avoid the environmental drawbacks of large hydro projects. Having designed and realised a wide variety of hydropower
plants, we know how to systematically turn any hydro opportunity into a successful small plant – no matter how challenging the location.


Waste heat is freely available in all kinds of sewage, industrial, refrigeration or combined heat and power plants as well as from numerous other sources. The art lies in the economic capture and use of this energy. We develop the concepts of how to get the right amount of waste heat to the customer at the right temperature. With increasing numbers of customers that are looking for cooling rather than heating our services also cover cooling and cold distribution systems.

selected references

WWTP Rorguet
Heating and ventilation with heat recovery and exhaust air treatment
WWTP Association of Meilen / Herrliberg / Uetikon am See, in Meilen (ZH)


Heating and ventilation with heat recovery
Wastewater Association Oberwynental, Reinach (AG)

WWTP Terre Sainte
Turbinating the treated effluents prior to discharge into Lake Geneva
SITSE Services Industriels de Terre Sainte et Environs Founex (VD)


WWTP Engelberg
Small hydropower plant operated with purified waste water
Residential community Engelberg (OW)

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Peter Wiederkehr
Member of the Executive Board
+41 44 288 81 25

Simon Ambühl
Head of Energy Division, Baden
+41 56 484 85 34