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Having our roots in the oldest geological office in Switzerland, Büro Dr. Schmassmann, we are reliable partners for solutions in the fields of groundwater, construction soil, contaminated sites and natural hazards.


We investigate to find out whether sites and buildings are contaminated as laid down in the so-called contaminated sites decree. Historical or technical investigations are the benchmarks for determining if monitoring or decontamination measures are necessary or not. If decontamination is required, we can determine its urgency and the targets to be reached. We develop tailor-made and efficient decontamination projects, supervise them and supply our clients with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation.


Are you planning a single family house or a complex construction project? Our geologists and geotechnicians will professionally support you. We perform sounding campaigns and soil-mechanical investigations and analyze them with respect to foundation, excavation and disposal. We work out all the fundamentals, ranging from crevice protocols up to the dimensioning of water drainage networks for the building period. Our construction and supervision recommendations offer a solid basis for uninterrupted progress and a lasting value of your project.


We support you in making a smooth transition from finite to renewable energy sources, like geothermal power. Taking into consideration legislation and geological/ hydro geological possibilities and conditions, we determine the feasibility of geothermal power or groundwater heat applications. We organize and supervise drillings and evaluate their data. We fully and professionally support you – from feasibility studies up to license application.


We advise public water utilities and private organizations on exploration, development and operating of groundwater. We provide information on resources, catchments options, profitability, quality and protecting measures of spring or groundwater. We organize drillings, pumping and indication tests as well as analyses and data evaluation of groundwater. We determine the influx areas, assess protection zones and develop the necessary regulations.


Damage to people, animals and infrastructure by land or rock slides, avalanches or floods can be minimised and often avoided completely with appropriate spatial planning and suitable building techniques. We develop hazard maps that authorities and specialists need for decision-making. When landslides, rockfalls or soil subsidence affect properties, we offer emergency services to assess the situation and supervise the implementation of urgent measures. We also offer process simulation services and evaluate stability in the actual and nominal condition as a basis for redevelopment proposals.


Groundwater quality and quantity need to be carefully protected by facilitating a maximum degree of rainwater infiltration for recharging the aquifer. We advise builders and engineers on the legislative requirements and practical options for precleaning and rainwater infiltration systems without detriment to properties, infrastructure or groundwater. We analyse geological conditions and determine the subsoil's infiltration capacity. We also design the necessary infiltration systems and supervise construction through to final acceptance by the authorities.

selected references

Old landfills Stadtmist, Solothurn
Revaluation of the remediation options and call for tenders for total remediation


Shooting range Uerkheim (AG)
Remediation project planning and execution


Construction site with risk of subsidence, Thun
Development of geological insights for the optimization of the foundation concept in order to reduce the risk of subsidence

Landslides in the region of Thun
Hazard assessment, definition of immediate measures and planning of remedial measures
Civil Engineering Office Canton Bern

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Philip Küttel
Head of Environment/Geology
+41 41 368 99 30


Andreas Arnold
Dep. Head of Environment/Geology
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