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Hydraulic engineering requires a holistic approach. We understand the interactions, know the processes and pursue an interdisciplinary approach – from strategic planning to implementation. Ultimately, we develop customized solutions that harmonise the human and environmental priorities in every situation.

Water basin management and strategic planning

To evaluate hydraulic engineering systems holistically, all the relevant factors must be considered within a closed system. Because we have many years of experience in interdisciplinary projects for watershed management and planning, we can assist with the development of sophisticated protection and maintenance concepts. For this purpose, we conduct comprehensive assessments of conditions and risks, develop integral action plans and provide strategic advice to our Clients.

River Engineering and revitalisation

Whether a water body has to be evaluated on hydrological, morphological or ecological grounds, our strength is the combination of theoretical understanding and implementation experience. Our project teams have routine experience with demanding project planning, construction site processes and conservation requirements. Furthermore, the preservation and enhancement of the affected water body is always a central topic. From preliminary studies to implementation, we offer one stop for all your requirements, from specific measures to major river engineering Projects.

Flood protection and natural hazards

We evaluate the characteristics of water basins, establish peak discharge rates, plot hydrographs, and assess runoff and retention volumes to better understand floods, bed load processes and debris flows. Our employees also have indepth knowledge in the areas of maintenance, area planning, hazard protection and object protection measures. We support you with holistic flood and natural hazard protection in rural or urban areas - from hydrological assessment and the realization of the protection projects to emergency planning.

Hydrology, Hydraulics and numerical modeling

All hydraulic engineering tasks have their origins in hydromechanical interactions. On questions of hydrology and hydraulics, we aim to give expert answers and offer innovative tailor-made solutions: from rainfall-runoff calculations to river basin models, and from sediment transport to installation-specific hydromechanical specifications. Thanks to our multi-dimensional numerical models, we are able to optimize existing and new objects structurally and procedurally.

selected references

Flood protection along the village stream, Meilen
Expansion and upgrading of the village stream

Largest flood retention basin in Switzerland, Wohlen (AG)
A controlled flood retention basin with a 600,000m3 retention volume created with a fully overflowable zoned 832 m wide dam, with underground sheet piling. Laying of wastewater collection channel. Revitalisation of the Bünz river.

Expansion Wüeribach stream, Birmensdorf
Flood protection measures, ecological brook improvement, design of recreational areas

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Sandro Ritler
Head of Hydraulic Engineering Technology
+41 78 819 40 77

Jörn Heilig
Dep. Head of Hydraulic Engineering Technology
+41 79 668 77 91